A little bit about me:

I am northern chap, brought up in Rossendale and schooled in Bolton and then Leeds. One of four brothers with a close knit group of friends and a wonderful girlfriend.

What I like doing outside of work:

Huge film fan, I like nothing more than settling in for a movie marathon with friends or family. As far as sports go; I am sucker for table tennis and currently working hard on my golf game!

Why I enjoy working at Dutch & Dutch:

Plain and simple, my colleagues are a cut above the rest. Intelligent, enigmatic and always on the ball!

Proudest moment to date:

The purchase of my first property – having been on the business end of this equation for some time I imagined that I would be fully prepared for the forthcoming trials and tribulations, suffice to say I now have a new-found understanding for those entering into this process for the first time.