When it comes to commercial leases, don’t leave anything to chance. Working with one of our lease experts gives you the best of every deal.

We’re local lease experts

When you need to transfer the rights and responsibilities of a property’s lease to another party, we can help. Our estate agents are experts in commercial and residential lease assignments and lease assignment agreements.

Rent Review Services

Whether you’re a Landlord or Tenant, if you have a commercial rent review in north-west London, we’re here to help. Our database of recent and historic lettings of shops, offices and industrial buildings provides a valuable cache of comparable evidence to help with the review.

Work with the professionals

Our experts have decades of experience dealing with rent reviews, so we’re always able to add real value to your transactions.

Lease Renewals

If your lease is coming to an end or has already expired we can help negotiate the terms for a lease renewal. We can act for both Landlords and Tenants of commercial buildings and are experienced in Landlord & Tenant 1954 Act renewals, as well as renewals of leases which are contracted outside of the Act.

We’re skilled negotiators

Our experienced estate agents are skilled in negotiating lease contracts for commercial properties and can help with lease assignment agreements if you are transferring the rights of the lease to another party.

Contact us for help on commercial lease matters

If you have an upcoming lease renewal, rent review or even if the date has now passed do get in touch and we will quickly assess whether we can help you.