A little bit about me:

A genuine local ‘boy’ who takes great pride in representing his home area of West Hampstead. As residents of West Hampstead for over 40 years, James’ family have been at the heart of West Hampstead for many decades ‘my mother owned a very popular local nursery and I attended local schools, so the importance of community support, spirit and standing is an ever present for me and something that has rewarded throughout my career’.James has experience in all types of markets and has an intimate knowledge of our properties and the nuances of our fantastic area. Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of his work ethos, as well as a genuine warm welcome to all he encounters

What I like doing outside of work:

I am an avid sports fan and Arsenal season ticket holder. In my younger life I came close to representing England at junior level in Slalom and Giant Slalom racing, despite injury curtailing my skiing career it remains very close to my heart. I also enjoy being challenged and have a great love of the outdoors, a recent holiday beautifully combined these elements with myself and a colleague, having no previous experience, canoeing approximately 200 miles in the beautiful Yukon area of Canada.

Why I enjoy working at Dutch & Dutch:

I am very fortunate to have found a workplace that truly reflects my ethos and values, I take pride that I am able to work for Dutch & Dutch and with the team here. With West Hampstead being my home as well as my place of work I found great alure in the candid, can-do approach when working alongside Dutch & Dutch in my previous employment. I recall walking away from numerous meetings with David (Dutch & Dutch MD), in his capacity as the founder of the West Hampstead Business Association, having admiration for the investment of his time and effort he put in, not for Dutch & Dutch’s gain, but for the area as a whole. As a lifetime resident I wanted to also have the opportunity to invest in my home.

Proudest moment to date:

Any time a client recognises the value of my work.Leading successful teams whilst building lifelong friendships have given me great professional satisfaction and pride.Outside of work my near miss with a ski racing career and the accolades I did achieve provided conversation for much of my younger life. More recently completing the Yukon River trip having no experience in canoeing or of navigating white water rapids continues to grow in its accomplishment as does my sense of pride. I hope to find another challenge equal to this, albeit with perhaps a little less risk!